East Midlands RoSPA Advanced Drivers is an independent charity and is accountable to the Charity Commission. Governance of East Midlands RoSPA is managed through the committee who are also the  legal Managing Trustees registered with the Charity Commission.

The “year” for us begins in November when we have our AGM which is open for all members to attend. On all the other months, the committee members meet monthly on the 1st Monday of the month.

The committee is made up of several Officers who have special responsibilities, and ordinary committee members.


Rob Barrows
Location: Derby
Martin Fitch
Vice Chair
Location: Derby
Cathy Hunt
Kevin Milligan
Location Derby
Chris Staley
Training Officer
Location Derby


Ordinary Committee Members

Adam Thompson
Colin Allen
Dennis Talbot
Ian Lingard
Ian Matthews
Karin Buckingham
Nick Down
Nick Northover