About Us


    At East Midlands RoSPA, we have people from all varieties of backgrounds that come to us to advance their driving skills, and a similar variety of people within our Tutors. This allows us to give you the very best education and allows you to develop your skills in the way that you will benefit the most. The group was formed around the idea of improving road safety and the driving skills of each and every road user. We are part of a network of groups for car drivers and motorcycle riders under the umbrella of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). In 2012, we won the coveted award of best car group in the UK.

    We work with various agencies including the Emergency Services and also the Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership. However unlike these organisations all the people at East Midlands RoSPA are volunteers, giving their time freely to further the aims that we try to fulfil.

    We can show you how you can drive safely and get the best out of your vehicle, while expanding your control of the car in order to enjoy the experience and eliminate stress. We coach our associate members to achieve the best grade possible to pass the RoSPA Advanced driving test. Once you have passed this test, considered to be the best civilian driving test you can pass, you will be retested every three years so you know your abilities will be kept up to the standard of an advanced driver..


    EM RoSPA is a registered charitable organisation (charity number 1002840). The Committee is an elected board of Trustees who look after and guide the group forward, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Information on this years committee can be found here.

    All the Tutors and committee members work in a voluntary capacity, and no one is paid for the work. Whilst all tutors are volunteers, they have verified by the RoSPA national organisation as being competent. The group is also covered by an indemnity insurance, but motor vehicle insurance and decisions made by the driver are the drivers responsibility.

    We meet fortnightly on Sundays in both Derby and Cheadle, and the maps below show our meeting locations.

Derby Group - Village Hall, Castle Hill, Findern. DE65 6AL

Cheadle Group - Cheadle Community Fire Station, Ashbourne Rd, Cheadle. ST10 1HF